About Kimberley


Here’s a little about me….

I’m an artist, designer, stylist, florist, lover of Humanity and Mother Earth x I am a proud Griqua Khoikhoi Woman x My indigenous African Javanese and French European heritage has influenced all parts of my spirit and soul journey x

My father passed on the gift of our ancestors to me and from an early age I was carving like it was my spirit dance my spirit song x

My mama passed down to me the gift of creating and expressing myself through storytelling, art dance, poetry and song x

As I grew and journeyed through life I went on to learn from many elders, who shared with me their ancestors ways of spirit ceremony carving and storytelling x

also sharing loads of laughs and sweet as honey times x

I also went on to take on formal arts study and here I found sculpture to be my main jam. I had beautiful mentors in my teachers and other students who I learnt so much from and made forever memories and forever friends x

I’m blessed to be the mother of my beautiful boys who are my heart my breath my everything and they both have passed on to me their spirit song, their wisdom and love x

All of my experiences and the people I’ve danced with along the way has weaved the story of me!

Carving has always been a part of me, running through me, it’s my sunshine, my happy place, my meditation, my healing and when I’m carving this is my dance song weaving all my spirit energy into the pieces I create therefore creating ceremony between me and you x